April Hollingworth


April Hollingworth gained her honours degree in Arts from the University of Sunderland in 2021. Two years prior she went back to education at CSN College of Further Education in Cork, Ireland. In her first year, she studied level 5 Journalism in the Digital Age, then studied level 6 Radio Broadcasting before progressing to her final year through a direct link in Sunderland where she studied Media Production in film and television and received her BA (HONS).

April is a published author and poet and is currently writing four books in three multi-genre and author series. Creativity is a part of her life. Its expanded and grown, following new avenues she looks forward to finding out where it leads to next.

April made a number of contributions to CEWO exhibitions:

  1. Fragile World posters
  2. Informing the idea of SLEEPERS work