Beth J Ross

Beth J. Ross is a visual artist who explores the relationship between memory, emotion and place. She has used light, photography, soft sculpture and paint in her practice.  She often works in series, returning to a theme over time and responding to personal and public concerns. Her recent research is driven by an interest in ancient painting, holy wells, the mother of god and an unknown spirituality which aims to imbibe the painting with an essence of emotion and memory. Beth’s work has been included in exhibitions in the North East of England, London, York, Manchester, Leeds, Somerset, Liverpool and Vienna.

From Beth J. Ross, we had the ‘Long Pack’ which was based on the idea that the SMART speaker enters your home as a help but turns out to be a danger. Research looked at folk tales that might have a harmless intruder come into your home and become a danger. The Long Pack has elements of this and was told in 1723. These monoprints record the name of a ‘smart’ speaker and a witches mark that could be used to protect one against it.

The blue painting was made by combining cobalt pigment (which is an element used in smart speakers), with holy water (which was used for protection) and egg tempera. This was poured and rubbed into a vintage bed sheet, dissected into eight pieces and reformed to make the shape of the long pack.