Caitlin Isabella Savage

Caitlin Isabella Savage is a visual artist based in Sunderland, and currently studying her MA in Fine Art at the University of Sunderland. She holds a First Class Degree in Photography, Video and Digital Imaging and has worked in TV production, education, and community art projects. Her work is multi-disciplinary and has recently focused on modern feminism, colour, and recent social issues around isolation, mental wellbeing, and social constructs of the female identity.

Caitlin created a series of eight digital artworks that explore representations of the first computer worm ‘The Reaper’, invented by Ray Tomlinson in the 1970’s:

  1. Yorms (8X prints)
  2. Blue Humanitas

The premise for the work is based on the idea of humanity and technology destroying one another. This artwork started with a virus attacking, where animated code (based on code used to hack into NHS) was being steadily eaten by the virus, with use of hexadecimal, binary and cybersecurity code to reveal the virus taking over as a projection eventually ending in a blue screen of death. Hacker is seeing and attacking the code behind the image – projected and/or animated. As this is happening, there will be the performance/narration of a Hybrid Greek / Japanese Haiku that could be a live reading with the virus being projected over the poet.