James Hutchinson

James is a Contemporary Artist and MA Fine Art Programme Leader at the University of Sunderland. Recent screenings performances and exhibitions include: Clay Cage Polychromed and other works at IS 2020&1, Gallerie Albert Paris. Shadowcage, Make your own exhibition Kunst Halle Zurich. ‘Being Sculptures’ Artists presentation for Sculpture & Dress conference Henry Moore institute (online) & Cybercage Breeze creatives Newcastle.

Hutchinson’s practice embraces all things digital. He lives and works in Hendon Sunderland and Islington London and has ongoing drawing, painting, sculpture, and photographic projects. James has worked with architects on regeneration projects and collaborated on sound and performance works as one half of H+M with Graham Mitchinson. He is also a member of the space/socialspace research group and Ars Mathematica Paris.

James Hutchinson led the the ‘Humanity and Security’ group which was a mix of Cyber Security professionals, artists/ creatives and researchers and successfully produced a body of artwork for CEWO exhibitions in Sunderland and Newcastle in Sep 2021. This included:

  1. VR 360 Video Clip
  2. Chalk Forgotten Password
  3. Humanity QR
  4. Cyber Rug Hendon
  5. Paintings Great Waves of Information
  6. Yorms
  7. Blue Humanitas
  8. MP3 Sound Track

The idea for the VR 360 video clip was inspired by Mike’s inspiration of The explosion by Cornelia Parker. This has resulted in the development of a concept looking at stills and video of a computer and of it exploding, then converting this into a 360 VR environment accessed using VR headsets (HTC Vive/Occulus) with gaps between images and stills. This piece in the final exhibition was accessed via QR codes, this approach improved accessibility to the work. Another piece of work was an upside down painted term ‘Forgotten Password’ on the gallery walls implying that users are having significant problems with forgotten passwords.