Mel Bacon

Mel Bacon is a Multi-disciplinary Visual Artist and Art Educator. She is based in County Durham and has been practising professionally since 2018. Mel holds a PGCE from Sunderland University, a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from Teesside University and a HND in Art and Design. Mel’s practice involves collaborating with professionals to democratise STEM subjects with the use of Art. Mel is most noted for her astrophysics inspired, interactive, abstract paintings. Common visual elements in her work are geometric shape and colour.

Mel created a number of artefacts for CEWO exhibitions including:

  1. Red Filter,
  2. Marigold UV Light
  3. Hot to Touch

They represented the hiding and obscuring of information with different approaches to seeing it. Likely to be interactive and/or require active engagement. Her artwork has a series of linked information reveals, e.g., panels that appeared blank yet where the image can be seen by shining a UV light on it. It is then reflected in a mirror panel and then as a polarised screen, etc., depicting a change of hidden meaning from the original image.