Robert Campbell

Robert Campbell, the founder of Ecommnet Technologies Limited, is a specialist consultant in Information Security and product development. He has an experience profile which spans 25 years or more in the IT industry from the early days of microprocessors used in industry to modern day cloud-based systems and which form the backbone of much of our daily technology environment. He’s worked briefly in the far east, the US and across Europe but has been based in Newcastle for the past 30 years.

Robert’s artistic and creative outlet is as a ceramic artist but also includes photography and video production as well as working with paint and mixed media. In keeping with the Cyber Eyes Wide Open Cyberfest / FUSE theme, Robert designed and created the ceramic “Alexa” to illustrate the potential for all of us to become complacent about the technology we use at home by creating scenes of every-day life and introducing an “Alexa” which may be helpful and benign, or maybe malevolent.

Robert’s ceramic Alexa is placed in different home settings to depict its role as a sleeper agent participating in spying, espionage etc.

  1. Alexa Spy agent On The Breakfast Table
  2. Alexa Spy agent In The Room
  3. Alexa Spy agent In The Drawing Room

The WFH laptop is playing a short series of slides of some of the research and ideas behind the work. As a backing track to these scenes there is a selection of poems and music reflecting on the issues raised.