Samantha Tweddle

Samantha Tweddle gained her honours degree in Fine Art from the University of Sunderland in 2021.  Her painting style encompasses both figurative and print work, but her first love is abstract expressionism, based jointly on nature and colour.

In keeping with the CEWO theme, Samantha made a number of contributions:

  1. Glass Globe
  2. Glass Mobile Phone
  3. Fragile World in phases (5X canvas)
  4. Photoprints (Mono – People & Technology)

Samantha is also interested in glass art and uses various techniques to encourage awareness of cybersafety.  For instance, she created a globe made of glass spheres created for the exhibit with the spheres incorporating an aspect of colour that will represent the different devices/points of contact with the internet/cyberspace. 

Glass is a beautiful medium where light contributes in creating the final experience. Samantha designed a phone object made of glass. In addition, she created 5 x canvas to convey that cyberattacks expose our Fragile World. So, there is a need for personal responsibility to tackle these issues. This body of work includes a series of photoprints showing the relationship of people with technology.