Cyber Eyes Wide Open

Cyber Eyes Wide Open was a creative collaboration between academics, local artists and cybersecurity companies

It was held between July and September 2021.

Cyber North have worked with the University of Sunderland Creative Fuse Team to support a vibrant group of local artists and practitioners from across the North East as a part of our Cyber Eyes Wide Open programme.

In 2021, Cyber Eyes Wide Open brought together number of cyber security companies and a talented group of regional artists to explore representations of cyber security. The aim of the project was to offer creative insight into how cyber security maybe better understood and to offer visualisations and stories that could enable communication and insight from a fresh perspective. The project team offered a series of facilitated workshops and in groups our artists, university academics and companies raised four projects, looking at cyber security and the young, cybersecurity and humanity, hidden layers and animations. The projects delivered over 40 artworks, two exhibitions with over 200 visitors and a knowledge exchange event. We explored new opportunities for artists to inform business, to work together and start new work.


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